I’m starting to believe that everyplace is haunted and this virtual one is no less than an old crumbling house in Texas. Haunted by its own history and haunted by our own belief of it being haunted. This is not about scary ghosts, flying white sheets, shadows of murdered little princesses, but echoes of our own thoughts and visions. When I was in school, a teacher taught me that a white sheet of paper is already full, it’s our job to show it. That’s bullshit. If  that empty space is “already full”, I would live it as it is. But yes, it does come with some hints, like its contest or its size or its shape or its history or its being material or immaterial, etcetera. But there’s at least one mirror in there which reflects back at you,  right where you are in that moment, in that scene. It is concave and convex and it comes with a resonating chamber too, for those echoes of ours.
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