Romantic performers

Last week I bought a banana costume on-line. It got here just a few days later and it looked exactly the way I had imagined it: cheap. Cheap fabric, low quality. The price was also quite cheap. Obviously the holes for the face and arms don’t correspond to the size of my body, but that’s the point of a “one size fits all”, right? It’s a banana costume for ADULTS…and who designed it probably knew what the general adult size was. I don’t know how a general adult looks like, the age, the weight, the height… Given my age, I prefer to envision (my subconscious does) a man in his sixties… there are probably tons of answers if I google it… ok, it’s not that immediate as I thought, because dick and brain come first: this is what people want to know.
The bright yellow colour of the costume and its consistence immediately brought some vibes in the studio. Last week it was the grey stability ball that added something new. As for the ball, it wasn’t just the material. An apparently strong object, its clean shape, its elasticity were new in here, and the contrast with the dried banana peels and palm leaves and pictures ruined by the humidity was immediately clear. Today, the banana costume stressed that and also brought that kind of presence, of weight, that I was looking for. Both the stability ball and the costume are objects that people could  easily get. They are popular commodities. There are families of stability balls in every gym, and also in fancy offices where workers and bosses want to show how much they care about their back (“and you should care too!”it’s implied) and how cool they are with the ball. Throw away that vintage heavy old throne, that designy thing in which you force your butt to sit on everyday and those cheap swivel chairs you got from Ikea.
There are plenty of banana costumes that you can buy online, to support your team as a mascot, or to match your friend who’s dressed as an apple (plus worm) or a carrot… or both. There are tons of pictures of dudes and chicks dressed as  bananas, groups of drunk bananas going wild on spring break. “You will be the monkey and I will be the banana.”
Popular objects, affordable, with clear functions. Objects that need you, that need to be performed by you. On the opposite, the banana peels and the palm leaves hung on the wall have a very different presence. The word “death” is clearly written on top of them. They are definitely romantic performers.
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