The wind hits the stone and the stone diverts the wind.

And here is the scene: a stage occupied without a clear order from both the reality and unreality of facts. On one side of the set you have what is possible and achievable, whereas on the other side the exact opposite resides. In the middle you have the wild cards regulating the traffic from one side to the other. The subject sits on a rotating chair so he can comfortably move wherever or nowhere. He eats bananas so he can gain more energy to face the stress when taking sides or not taking any at all. He finds himself on that worn out limit where uncertainty associates with choice. The subject can either stay still and observe, from one side to the other, the multiple possibilities or the multiple failures induced by the nomadism of these elements. Therefore the subject remains seated, sometimes confused and bored, sometimes excited; he looks at the traffic with another fresh banana peel in his hand. We did say that he is also the generator of such traffic, didn’t we?
One day the subject came to us and said to have felt as if he were a train on top of a bizarre couple of tracks: one on the ground, while the other was travelling inside the subject’s head. The day after he corrected himself: he wasn’t the train, rather the tracks themselves. We replied: “If the machines stop working, the production must temporarily be suspended.” At that point the subject started whirling in the rotating chair. “The chair only follows me till a certain point” he replied.
Unable to find a place for himself he needs to appoint a position to things, even if he then blames the impulse for composition and his unconscious quest for order. He would like to reject the aesthetic values which lie at the core of his choices and actions. About that, he has a  reccurring dream where he turns into a coconut with no core but only water. It is quite clear that a similar tension is what determines the subject’s singular balance, even though he may find such state annoying, or even intolerable. A car is suspended above the ravine, a stone has turned into a pivot while the wind is blowing, looking for the stone. While the protagonist is sweating out his own uncertainty, the stone and the wind are waiting to get back to the state they were in.
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