Boredom is tension at heart. (a brief conversation between A and B)

A: …you’re still a free spirit.

B: Yes, kind of…but I become awkward in a long term relationship.

A: Well, it’s normal…

B: I don’t want to get involved with someone because of boredom.
I want do it out of certainty, that’s why I’m waiting 🙂

A: Gotcha. But it’s difficult to predict, tho. At the beginning it might seem certainty, but maybe it’s just boredom in disguise. You’ll find out only after.
But now I’m curious…relationship aside, what do you think about boredom?

B: Ohm. To me it’s the fear of having a goal and the inaction that comes from it.

A: Do you get stuck by the idea of having a target?

B: I fear to have one, and then not being able to keep up with it and fail miserably.
Am I explaining myself?

A: Yes, I can see what you’re saying, but I’m sure you had to deal with targets in the past…you’re still studying; this means you want to achieve something…like passing an important exam, no?

B: Yes, of course it happened. I turn my head every time a target shows up on the horizon. I fear to confess it to myself.

A: Interesting. Boredom stops you, holds you back.

B: Yes, that’s my case. Boredom is tension at heart.

A: I see. And how do you deal with it? I mean, how do you behave in the arms of boredom? How do you use that time?

B: I wait for a shock to happen. I wake up right before the catastrophe, like a forthcoming deadline…

A: An alarm call…

B: Yep, but I don’t like it.

A: Of course you don’t…and every time you keep telling yourself:
next time it will be different, I’ll change…

B: Well, I’m trying to…ohm…re-adjust myself. “Change” sounds like a buzzword to me. Why are you asking me this?

A: Because I’m trying to see the productive side of boredom.

B: You should give me some private lesson then…

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